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  Nanjing Beilida New Material System Engineering Co., Ltd. was initiated in 1990 and started to focus on the R&D and practice of GRC multi-functional compound curtain walls for buildings, GRG, GRP and other green decorative wall materials and PC-GRC prefabricated green building integration. In 2013, it has been reformed and upgraded to a joint stock company.

  Beilida is a modern industrialized, specialized, mechanized and information-based GRC company integrating the research and development, design, manufacturing, installation and service into one, and a high-tech enterprise undertaking a large number of major technical projects under the National Torch Program, the National “10th Five-year Plan”, “11th Five-year Plan” and “12th Five-year Plan”, as well as few international cooperation projects of Jiangsu Province. It is the top 1 GRC brand in China, but also a well-known GRC brand in the world. As the drafter of the Chinese GRC industry standard, it has created more than 100 technical results, including the independently developed green low-carbon retaining technology, hyperboloid big plate technology, GRC energy-saving insulation wall materials, PC-GRC green part manufacturing, Beili stones, Beili plates, compound GRC plates and other technological achievements, and has obtained more than 100 patents. Its business stretches to the whole world and mainly covers more than 20 provinces and regions in China.

  In recent years, through cooperation with Zaha Hardid, Foster + partners, He Jingtang, Li Xinggang and other world famous architects and teams, it has completed the GRC fabricated green buildings for more than 800 significant projects both at home and abroad, such as the high-end residential project in Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong, the Xinhai Revolution Museum in Wuhan, the Qian Xusen Library, the Third Space in Tangshan, ATM Building in Algeria and Youth Olympic Center in Nanjing and has won more than 100 awards issued by the Architectural Society of China, China Building Materials Federation, Decorative Concrete Institute of China, International GRCA Industry Association, relevant departments of Jiangsu Province and other international organizations, such as the China Building Application & Innovation Award, Luban Prize, Zhan Tianyou Prize, Award for Excellent Enterprises and Excellent Projects and the World Champion of the International GRC Industry.

  We have the core technology of green prefabricated GRC buildings and the ability of continuous innovation. So, we will be better.


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  With regards to the organization structure, Beilida combines the headquarter management and external business divisions. The headquarter in Nanjing mainly takes the development of new products and technologies, marketing management, financial management, administrative management and resource control, while the four business divisions respectively in Nanjing, Zhongshan, Chengdu and Tianjin are mainly responsible for the business operation in East China, South China, West China and North China. At the same time, the New Product Division has been set up in Tangshan Industrial Park, Jiangning, Nanjing to undertake the research and development of new products and tests.

  At present, the Company has completed the strategic layout in several economic hotspots, including the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim and the Southwest China to form a service network influencing the whole country. Our production bases in Tangshan Nanjing and Zhongshan Guangzhou have been certified as the GRC global prototype factory. With nearly 500 core managers and technicians, we have a powerful professional team with an annual GRC supply capacity of 100 square meters.


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