Of stars, "2015 building, structure, peak dialogue: the beauty of the building structure achievement" international conference ended!


  November 19 to 20, 2015, the architectural design and research institute of guangdong province, China construction technology group co., LTD., guangdong construction qualification registration center, the construction craft joint undertaking by the journal magazine and "structure", "2015 building, structure, peak dialogue: structure" achievement architectural beauty international conference held in guangzhou, more than 300 delegates from all over the country attended the meeting.

  1. The opening ceremony

  The opening ceremony of this meeting by guangdong, vice President of the architectural design and research institute, the chief architect Chen Xiong chair. Housing and construction department of guangdong province, deputy secretary of the party group, the inspector Chen Yingsong, Chinese academy of engineering, jing-tang he registered architect association of guangdong province, the national engineering survey and design master Guo Mingzhuo, Wen Bing, vice-president of China building technology group co., LTD., the engineering survey and design industry association of guangdong province, the construction design and research institute party committee secretary Ceng Xianchuan attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. They deeply discuss the importance of structure for the building and the relationship between the two promote each other, and said in the current construction situation is increasingly grim situation, more need to pursue high quality and finish building, which shows that the importance of the meeting. Two, organizers said China guangdong ShengYuan courtyard and is designed as an industry leading enterprises, will actively fulfill the social responsibility of the yard, for the industry development and the progress to build more and better communication platform.

  Attended the opening ceremony of the guest and Liang Xiongguang, director of the center for construction of the professional qualification registration of guangdong province Huang Gang, deputy director of the construction of science and technology information co., LTD., vice President of the institute, the architectural skill/presidents have been "structures" magazine, etc.

  2. The conference report

  The meeting invited 25 outstanding architects and structure engineers at home and abroad in combination with its own practice made excellent speech, the content such as space structure, the structure of the high-rise classic engineering as an example, the various, multi-level and multi-angle and introduces the structure of the building and the depth of the fusion and innovation, report content is rich, forward-looking, practical. Each speaker report content points are as follows.

  3. The otc booth

  The conference attracted industry more competitive enterprises exhibitors, always crowded before the booth, fully built the architect, the architect and material business communication platform.

  4. Thank you

  The conference attracted all over the country more than three hundred architects, structure engineers, generally reflect the conference report high quality, good job organization, hope we can provide more learning opportunities in the future, also thank you have been to our support.

  The meeting also got the engineering survey and design industry association of guangdong province, the association of registered architect, nanjing times rieter new material system engineering co., LTD., Shanghai tong is aluminum assist engineering technology co., LTD., in this thank you!

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