Times rieter GRC invited exhibition international green building exhibition in jiangsu


  On November 13, 2015, the third session of jiangsu international green building materials exhibition in nanjing international expo center is satisfactory. The exhibition covers the green building materials: the whole industry chain including nanjing and the surrounding area planning and design institute, real estate, construction, project contracting units, government departments, materials, PC manufacturers, steel structure factory, heat preservation of components and new materials manufacturers, the main building green building field at home and abroad the latest technology and products into the first platform of application in jiangsu province and the surrounding market, for jiangsu province in the field of green building landmark event, times the rieter GRC invited participation in the event.

  As green building materials - GRC industry leading enterprises, the company has undertaken many large public projects in recent years, from jiujiang to nanjing youth Olympic cultural and artistic center in the conference center, currently in changsha mei sihu projects, with virtuosity on the beauty of art, set up past the iconic landmark for the city.

  The event times rieter exhibits for the integration of the peripheral construction part, detonate attendees onlookers and consulting. This product is a set of nonlinear decoration, photocatalytic self-cleaning, thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, sound insulation function such as integration of prefabricated large heterogeneous fiber reinforced water - GRC) building palisade materials. Products are light weight, high strength, good toughness and resistance to water, non-combustible, longevity, with housing construction, easy installation, short time limit, appropriate seaview room, landscape room, small villa building material model.

  Times rieter GRC was invited to the event, fully shows the industry and the social widespread attention to The Times of rieter GRC, and build to The Times rieter landmark project, through the exhibition, our company hope at the conference on the one hand can be associated with more personnel exchanges and discussions in order to promote the development of enterprise and industry, on the other hand more feel the sense of mission and responsibility of the industry, push times rieter in advancing new materials, new technology and building energy saving low carbon curtain wall system, create a high quality environment, become the world's leading GRC green ecological containment system materials provider.

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