Chinese living expo opening times rieter exhibition in Beijing


  Chinese living expo opening times rieter exhibition in Beijing

  On September 9, the 14th China international housing industry and building industrial products and equipment exhibition "(hereinafter referred to as Chinese living expo) kicked off in Beijing. The exhibition time is September 9 to 11, held in China international exhibition center (new). Site has nearly thousand booth, exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters, more than 400 enterprises, is expected to more than 40000 people to visit.

  It is understood that China living expo is supported by the People's Republic of China ministry of housing and urban-rural development, housing and urban-rural development and industrialization of science and technology development center (housing industrialization promotion center), China's real estate industry association, China architectural culture center, hosted Beijing housing and urban and rural construction committee, and has held the 14 th. The living expo "in the house of tomorrow, for guide, promote the transformation of innovation development" as the theme, surrounding the construction and energy efficient and environmentally friendly residential and the core concept of the green building, to build the industry exhibition, communication and trading platform.

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