Shou-feng zhang: prefabricated construction development needs full industrial chain together


  Since China's reform and opening up, along with our country national economy and the rapid social development, the construction industry as a pillar industry of national economy, the contribution rate of gross domestic product (GDP) maintained steady growth. But the long-term development of the construction industry in our country industrial structure is not reasonable, construction pattern, high energy resources consumption, low labor productivity, technology innovation is not strong, the construction quality is not high, engineering quality and safety problem such as there is a hidden danger has not been fundamentally solved, has become a major bottleneck for the sustainable development of construction industry.

  Construction industry modernization is based on the construction industry transformation and upgrading as the goal, is the main channel of construction change to industrial production methods, is helpful to improve the production efficiency of construction, rely on to overcome labor force, improve the working environment, reduce construction waste emissions and pollution, effectively solve the quality common fault of field construction, improve building performance and service life; By cultivating structure optimization, advanced technology, safety and environmental protection and high added value of modern industrial system, radiation to drive real estate, building materials, such as equipment manufacturing and information technology industry development.

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