The state council general office issued guidance to promote urban construction sponge Sponge "road map" for urban construction


  By urban construction sponge, maximum limit to reduce the influence of urban development and construction of ecological environment, 70% of the rainfall on the given and use. More than 20% by 2020, the city proper of area target requirements; By 2030, the area of more than 80% of the city proper to achieve goals and objectives. Under the state council general office recently issued guidance on the work target, finalize propulsion sponge "schedule" and "road map" of the construction of the city.

  In general requirements clearly at the same time, the guidance from strengthening the construction planning and leading, as a whole, improve the support policy, pays special attention to organize the implementation of four aspects put forward concrete measures. According to the guidelines, sponge urban construction to adhere to the "ecological for this, natural circulation, planning and leading, overall consideration, the government-led, social participation", the basic principle, strengthen the construction of urban planning management, comprehensive take "permeability, hysteresis, storage, net, with," and other measures, give full play to the building, road green space, water system and ecological system of water absorption, permeability and slow release effect, effective control of stormwater runoff, to realize natural accumulation, natural penetration, natural purification way of urban development.

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