The beauty of the architecture art professional achievement


  "The beauty of art achievement construction peak BBS" as a Chinese architectural design institute co., LTD., and the architectural art magazine jointly create brand annual meeting, on October 23, 2015, xinjiang building held in Beijing. This year's event has invited the professional in the field of many famous design institute of architects, structure engineers, materials experts, from the Angle of technology and art, deeply analyze the construction of the project practice.

  Chinese architectural design institute director Cui Kai meeting made a speech, secretary of the party committee Liu Yanhui gave a welcome speech. Professor zhang lei, Zhang Li well-known industry from the perspective of traditional architecture, analyzes the beauty of the countryside and ancient architectural art; As co-sponsors of this conference, li wei, our Marketing Department to do "the beauty of architecture art professional achievement" the theme of the conference speech, jiujiang culture art center project, for example, from the design, production, construction nodes and difficult points, etc., from a professional point of view, demonstrates The Times rieter GRC products in the perfect interpretation of this project, in the perspective of technology of artistic expression, interpretation of jiujiang culture and art center of architectural technology and art beauty.

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